Iridis is a Latin word meaning “rainbow”. It also contains the word “iris”,evoking the window of the soul. The choice of name reflects the philosophy of the Duo, namely a thirst to express music in all its shimmering colour, in order to inspire profound emotion in their audience.

The ethereal timbre of Claudia Reggio’s flute comes together with the wooden sonority of Aurélie Olivéros’ guitar, and the two blossom together in a striking dialogue of sound which blends soft, delicate notes with bright, rhythmic ones.

The two musicians map out new paths between classical and traditional music. Together, they create a warm atmosphere of complicity between the two, inviting the listener to discover different musical worlds via a unique performance.

Aurélie Olivéros andClaudia Reggio met during their studies at the Strasbourg Conservatory, during which time they played together as part of the “Trio Diversidad” performing both early and modern instruments.

Since 2012, they have been performing as a flute and guitar duo, initially under the name of “Quigne”, before later changing their name to the “Duo Iridis”.

They perform regularly in France and in Germany.